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Black Zodiac Notebook

Black Zodiac Notebook

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Unleash your creative side with our classic Black Zodiac Notebook. This lined journal allows you to choose your constellation, making it a fun and unique gift for writers and journal lovers. Perfect for school or personal use. Get your hands on this trendy notebook now!

Aquarius (1/21~2/19) Air
Astonishing intellectual and communication skills.

Pisces (2/20~3/20) Water
Extremely receptive, compassionate, and other-directed.

Aries (3/21~4/20) Fire
Has a very self-confident nature.

Taurus (4/21~5/21) Earth
Desires solid foundations for form and structure.

Gemini (5/22~6/21) Air
Strong communication skills, wisdom, and speed.

Cancer (6/22~7/22) Water
Emotional qualities to give and receive.

Leo (7/23~8/23) Fire
Strong desire for creativity, innovation, and leadership.

Virgo (8.24~9.23) Earth
Needs to work to get stable amidst ever-changing chaos.

Libra (9/24~10/23) Air
Characteristic of being extroverted and active.

Scorpio (10/24~11/22) Water [not available]
Mysterious and intriguing.

Sagittarius (11/23~12/21) Fire
A very active and outgoing nature.

Capricorn (12/22~1/20) Earth
A stabilizing force to be great leaders.

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